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The Broadway Career of Amy Herzog

June 11, 2024

On June 16, 2024, the 77th Annual Tony Awards will be held at the David H. Koch Theater, celebrating the best and brightest of this year’s Broadway season! The nominees include those onstage and off, mainstays and newcomers alike. In celebration, Broadway’s Best Shows is highlighting some of the Broadway perennials recognized with Tony nods in this incredibly fruitful year.

This season, Amy Herzog is nominated for Best Play for her poignant work in “Mary Jane” and Best Revival of a Play for her adaptation of “An Enemy of the People.” Here’s a breakdown of the Broadway productions that got her there:

A Doll's House' Broadway Review: Jessica Chastain In Stark Revival

A Doll’s House (2023)

In this revival of Henrik Ibsen’s classic, Herzog’s adaptation breathed new life into the story of Nora Helmer, a woman struggling to break free from the confines of a suffocating marriage starring Jessica Chastain. The production, helmed by Jamie Lloyd, was critically acclaimed and earned Herzog a Tony nomination for Best Revival of a Play.

Mary Jane' Broadway Review: Rachel McAdams is Solid In Gripping Play

Mary Jane (2023)

Herzog’s poignant play, “Mary Jane,” centers on a single mother, played by Rachel McAdams, navigating the challenges of caring for a chronically ill child. The play is a testament to Herzog’s ability to craft deeply human and relatable stories, earning her a Tony nomination for Best Play.

An Enemy of the People' Theater Review: Jeremy Strong Ignites Ibsen

An Enemy of the People (2024)

Herzog’s latest work, an adaptation of Ibsen’s “An Enemy of the People,” tackles themes of political corruption and environmental crisis. This timely and powerful play has garnered Herzog another Tony nomination for Best Play this season.